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Jackie Warner Thinks You're Addicted to Sugar

Jackie Warner on America's Sugar Addiction

Trainer Jackie Warner may promote two cheat meals, but she is not a fan of sugar.

Our addiction to the sweet stuff is one reason Jackie feels "people are heavy and sick in this country" adding that "sugar is snuck into every food since the day they were born and we are complete addicts even if we don't know it." And by sugar Jackie doesn't just mean the white granulated stuff found in cookies and cupcakes, but refined carbs too. "Everyone has to understand that bread, crackers, croutons, things like that, that's sugar. As soon as it's in your system it processes straight to sugar then straight to fat."

Jackie feels the "body is a beautiful machine." Feed it the right foods and it will start to balance out and run perfectly. Eating clean for her just means using common sense, and she strongly suggests adding at least three veggies and two fruits to your daily meal plan. Also add good fat to your plate, like avocados as "these are major fat burners," and lean protein — "free range of course."

When I asked Jackie how long she thinks it takes to break the sugar addiction, she answered unequivocally, "five days." And further explained "five days for the brain to break the sugar addiction and I don't mean to be completely free of it. I mean to break it so you have a decrease of cravings for it . . . I know this because when I teach my life change program "Sky Lab," by the third day of no sugar, man are these people grumpy. I can totally tell by Wednesday that they have a habit and they're craving that sugar. And then by Thursday, Friday, which is the fourth and fifth day, they completely stop that craving for sugar." To help them over that hump, Jackie serves up tons of support food — clean plates of fruit and veggies, lean protein, and healthy fats.

Do you think you're addicted to sugar?

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Nicole Perry
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