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Janet Evans Swam Through Pregnancy

I've always been a Janet Evans fan and can still remember the tears in my eyes when she won that gold medal in Barcelona. Olympic swimmer or not, Evans still needed to find a way to keep fit while pregnant and she turned to the best form of exercise that she knew - swimming.

She recently talked with People about how swimming during and after pregnancy helped keep the baby weight off.

Here are highlights:

When it came to exercising while she was pregnant with daughter Sydney, four-time Olympic gold medalist Janet Evans did what came naturally: She got in the swimming pool.

"I swam throughout my pregnancy and basically 10 days after she was born," Evans, 36, told PEOPLE at the 22nd Annual Great Sports Legends Dinner in New York City last week. "Swimming throughout the pregnancy really kept me fit and made it easier. And my OB said it was the best thing that I could do."

I love hearing about how everyone needs to do a little something to stay fit while pregnant. I think the real key is finding what works for you and sticking with it. If you think that swimming will be the right fit for you, then check out this swimming routine I created.


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