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Jay Z and Beyonce Go Vegan

Beyoncé and Jay Z Embrace a Vegan State of Mind

Here's some food for thought: birthday boy Jay Z and his wife, Beyoncé, have decided to go vegan for a full 22 days. From now until Christmas, the music moguls will embrace a plant-based diet inspired by Marco Borges and his 22-day nutrition plan. But this isn't the first time Hollywood has gone vegan. Back in 2011, Oprah took a one-week challenge, not to mention the wide array of celebrities who have embraced veganism for good. In fact, eating one vegan meal a day can even help you lose weight! With all this hype, have you ever tried a vegan diet? Let us know in the poll below!

Image Source: AP
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EllenFrancis1375935437 EllenFrancis1375935437 3 years
Crazy in Love with Veganism!! It's awesome…I hope they feel great and love doing it! Vegan American Princess has everything you need to try out plant-based nutrition…check it out
gymrat87 gymrat87 3 years
Tried it for 3 months and just didn't feel good. The biggest benefit was I ate (and tried) a lot more veggies than I ever had before.
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