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Jem Wolfie Booty Gains Before and After

It Took 3 Years, but Jem's Booty Gains Are Worth All the Hard Work

Have you been trying to build a booty, but you're not seeing bodacious results?

It doesn't just take hard work to sculpt a butt — it takes time, too. Perth-based trainer and owner of Good Eats Meals Jem Wolfie knows this more than anyone, as evidenced by her three-year transformation.

In her recent Instagram before and after photo, Jem shared a backside photo from 2014 and one from this year, saying "YES, it is possible to build natural curves." She has used specific exercises to focus on her hips and butt — in addition to working her upper back while whittling her waist to create the hourglass figure she wanted.

She said in her caption, "It's not always all about genetics or procedures" when you want to change your shape. "I want to show you you can build this shape too." The trainer has created another account called "Workouts by Wolfie" where you can see exactly what she did to get these amazing results.

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