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Jen Widerstrom Keto Diet Pros and Cons

Former Biggest Loser Coach Shares Honest Pros and Cons of the Keto Diet After 17 Days

Former Biggest Loser coach Jen Widerstrom has shared her feedback on the keto diet 17 days after she inspired herself to start it. Like many people trying the controversial diet, which focuses heavily on high-fat, low-carb foods, Jen has a pretty lengthy list of pros and cons to share.

While Jen does like the rapid results and the strict food guidelines — there's a clear list of what you can and cannot eat — she admits the restrictive diet is not for everyone . . . including herself. Take a look at her main takeaways from living a keto lifestyle for almost three weeks, and then read her full, honest caption above. Jen's greatest takeaway? "I have the power to do something about the way I feel and I also get to decide how to move through what happens to me." Maybe what she's learned will help you decide whether or not the keto diet is right for you. However, before you decide on any major changes in your own diet, be sure to speak with your doctor first.

The Pros:

  • Fast response: "Keep in mind the first week is really just water weight, but if you stay in it the body continues to drop weight pretty rapidly."
  • No cravings: "I had no energy drop and nice energy flow throughout the day."
  • Clear food and fuel boundaries: "There is no guesswork and no negotiation that happens — you know exactly what you're allowed to eat and what you're not."

The Cons

  • It's not for everyone: "As you all know, I strongly believe one size does not fit all . . . making keto NOT for everyone. It's not for me for sure — even though my body does respond well to high fat and protein fuel, given my mental and physical demands. My body NEEDS starch so I choose not to live in ketogenesis."
  • It takes a lot of discipline: "It takes VERY high discipline to do right and adopt correctly."
  • The precision of the diet is critical: "Inspired by a conversation with my colleague @dunamisarp, 'you risk not actually being in ketosis and instead just adopting a restrictive carb diet with too high of protein leading into gluconeogenesis.'"
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