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Jennifer Aniston's Breakfast

Jennifer Aniston's Healthy Breakfast Is Simple Enough For Anyone to Copy

Jennifer Aniston may be Hollywood royalty, but her breakfast routine is surprisingly stripped down. Every morning after taking her dogs for a walk, she throws together a surprisingly simple meal: a piece of toast with coconut oil spread on top, plus fresh eggs from the chickens in her backyard. Everything about this breakfast is spot-on for a filling, satisfying, and healthy start to her day. She's getting good healthy fats from the coconut oil, plenty of protein from the eggs, and carbs to fuel her brain and keep her full throughout the morning. Celebrity trainer Bob Harper would be a big proponent of Jen's breakfast. He always suggests that his clients front-load their carbohydrates, so they have plenty of time to burn them off later in the day. We're sure Jen has a team that helps her stay healthy and keeps her looking svelte and gorgeous, but anyone can incorporate this easy recipe into their breakfast routine!

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Nicole Perry
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