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Jennifer Aniston's Favorite Yoga Poses Are . . .

Jennifer Aniston's Favorite Yoga Poses Are . . .

I'm really happy that yoga is gaining in popularity these days, because it's so good for everybody. Whether you're training for a marathon, recovering from an injury, dealing with chronic back pain, are pregnant, or just need to de-stress, the ancient practice of yoga can help. Apparently it's also good for celebs too. Madonna, Brooke Shields, Adam Levine, Drew Barrymore, and Naomi Watts are all into practicing yoga.

So is Jennifer Aniston. When asked about her favorite yoga poses, Jennifer said in a recent interview with People, "I'm so terrible with names . . . Child pose. And it's a mix between that and Tree pose. [Tree] has good balance and I like how it feels."

These two poses are basic poses you'd learn in a beginner yoga class, but they're poses that you'll continue to do until you're an experienced yogi. To find out the benefits of these tranquil poses


Child's Pose is one of my favorites too because it's so relaxing. Lowering your head below your heart has this calming effect on your mind, and it's a great pose to do if you're feeling stressed or tired. Child's Pose is recommended for people with lower back pain. It's also the perfect pose to do in a yoga class if your arms need a break, or if you feel your breathing becoming too erratic.
Tree is a wonderful balancing pose because it doesn't require a ton of muscular strength. When your bent leg is resting on the inner thigh of your straight leg, it's actually quite stable. So you can stay in this position for a while, just breathing and feeling your connection with the ground.

To learn how to do more yoga poses, check out these Strike a Yoga Pose posts.

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