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Jennifer Aniston Harper's Bazaar Interview 2017

Jennifer Aniston's Dream Is to "Open a Wellness Center" — Where Do We Sign Up?

Jennifer Aniston has been in Hollywood for decades, but it seems like she still hasn't aged a day. She's the cover star of the October issue of Harper's Bazaar, and not only does she look stunning as ever, but the in-depth interview sheds some light on her beauty and wellness routine. When you hear how well she takes of herself, it's no wonder she looks (and feels!) as good as she does.

Jennifer's morning go-to? Apple cider vinegar. She takes some at the start of every day, along with vitamins. "Vitamins. Vitamins. Vitamins. I take a lot of vitamins, I'm not going to lie," she said in her interview with actress and writer Amy Sedaris. Jennifer admits that it's hard to keep up with the wellness trends these days, though.

"It changes all the time because someone will say, 'Oh, my God, you don't take activated charcoal?' Then you go down a Googling hole to understand the benefits of that, or turmeric or dandelion for water retention," she said. "I can't keep up." We get where you're coming from, Jen. But at least she's sticking to her ACV and vitamin routine.


While we're used to seeing Jennifer as an A-list movie star, she has some other dreams in the back of her mind that she wants to pursue someday. "My dream is to open a wellness center," Jennifer shared. "I have a fantasy where you have this beautiful space with facialists, rotating workouts, meditation classes, and a cafe with recipes that are healthier versions of delicious foods so you're not deprived."

Um, where do we sign up? It's not just about getting fit, though. Jennifer said life is much easier when you feel like you're calm and centered. "Not to sound all woo-woo, but if you go out into the world with inner peace, you're more joyful," she said. That's why she's working out this wellness center idea in her brain, so that others can have a relaxing experience that will recharge them for whatever lies ahead.

Jennifer has taken this positive outlook to her work as well. "There's a life's-too-short policy that I now have with my work; no Negative Nancies," she said. We support that whole-heartedly. Now begins the countdown to the grand opening of Jen's wellness center.

Image Source: Getty / JB Lacroix
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