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Jennifer Lopez Workouts and Diet

Jennifer Lopez Looks Eternally Hot Because of These Workout and Diet Habits

It's hard not to look at Jennifer Lopez without your jaw dropping on the floor. The singer, fashion mogul, and successful businesswoman always looks timeless, gorgeous, and fit AF. She may be 48 years old, but she doesn't look a day over 30, and when you hear what her wellness routine is like, you'll understand why she looks the way she does. She prioritizes her health above everything else.

Here's some insight into her very dedicated fitness and diet routine.

She Mixes Up Her Workouts

One thing we know for sure about Jennifer is that she loves to dance, which plays a huge role in her fitness. She spends countless hours practicing for her live performances and learning choreography. That kind of high-energy cardio certainly helps her stay trim and fit. However, she also loves doing workouts from the Tracy Anderson Method and she also works with celebrity trainers Gunnar Peterson and David Kirsch. She often does strength training with weights (lunges, hip lifts, etc.) in these kinds of sessions.

She Works Out A LOT

That kind of body doesn't just happen overnight. Jennifer isn't shy about the fact that she works hard for her figure. "It's a job — you've got to buckle down," she once told Us Weekly. She's known to move her body almost every single day, and she loves doing the Tracy Anderson Method four or five times a week. Even if she gets home late from a long day, if she still needs to squeeze in a workout, she makes it happen — no excuses!

She Eats a Strict Diet

No processed or packaged foods and no sugar. Her diet is all about whole, natural foods, and if she's feeling a little peckish, rather than reaching for a snack, she'll eat some lean protein. When she goes out to eat, she'll ask for the healthy, low-calorie dishes like a big salad or fish with veggies on the side. It's all about smart choices and portion control.

She Avoids Alcohol and Caffeine

Jennifer doesn't drink coffee and doesn't drink alcohol either. "What you eat doesn't just affect your body; it can also affect the way your skin looks," she told Hello magazine. What does she drink instead of booze and lattes? Water, of course. She especially tosses back the H2O before a workout so she has plenty of energy to get the job done.

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