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Jessica Alba Bounces Back, in Record Time

Just a little over two months since giving birth to her little girl, Jessica Alba is back on track fitness-wise. Her trainer Ramona Braganza shared a little bit of what Jessica's been doing to whip herself back into shape to People recently. Here are highlights:

  • She eats right. Jessica has been opting for a low-fat, low-carb diet as part of Braganza's 321 Baby Bulge Be Gone plan. Halle Berry followed the same plan after giving birth to Nahla.
  • She sweats. With an elliptical machine and treadmill at home (must be nice) Alba has resumed her routine of core exercises, cardio and circuit training.
  • She uses the buddy system. “She loves working out with a girlfriend,” says Braganza, whose client, actress Jaime King, frequently trains with Alba.

I guess her Wii workout is not cutting it these days, but I think she looks fabulous. She's fortunate to have a healthy beautiful baby, and her healthy beautiful post baby body is just icing on the low-fat cake.


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Happyfit4life Happyfit4life 8 years
I've never been fond of her shape, she has some saddlebag issues, I never found it very impressive. To be quite honest, her shape now isn't THAT good either. I'm not sure why she is being praised because I still think she looks a little overweight. I am not intending to come off rude, but if we are going to praise someone for getting in shape, let's do it when they actually are in shape.
Bmoney Bmoney 8 years
If I hear another celebrity post baby body bounce back story I think I will throw up on the source....please women move on!!!!!!
SweetNGlow SweetNGlow 8 years
Being wealthy and able to afford a personal trainer and nutritionist helps, but not having those resources is not an excuse to let yourself go--before, during or after pregnancy. Anyone can teach themselves how to eat healthily without hiring a nutritionist. And anyone can exercise without a trainer. People who do not prioritizing their health often use this as an excuse. I don't have time to workout out, I don't have anyone to cook me healthy meals, etc... Get a grip, stop making excuses for yourself and stop resenting people who achieve their goals.
Shi-Rox Shi-Rox 9 years
I agree she looks much healthier post baby! I think women should enjoy as much time as possible with their babies instead of worrying so much about bouncing back to their "pre" weight. Babies grow up so fast and you shouldn't miss a minute of it!
lickety-split lickety-split 9 years
i thought she said she didn't believe in working out and that she was just "whatever size" she was? humm, guess it all changes after baby. i don't agree that many women use pregnancy as an excuse to gain weight. but most moms i know don't have a nanny to watch the baby while they work out on their home exercise equipment. and frankly most moms i know have been more interested in being with their baby than being in their pre-pregnancy jeans. weight doesn't make women who they are and it doesn't reflect what type of mother they are. in fact, that attitude just says how society devalues the contribution of mothers "yeah you had a baby, but can you rock the string bikini 6 weeks later, huummmm?" who gives a crap?
356UIK 356UIK 9 years
I have actually heard that losing preg weight is easier due to the fact that breastfeeding burns so many calories, and lifting and carrying the baby all the time works and tones your arms.
crystalvillage06 crystalvillage06 9 years
I don't think it's that exceptional at all. She looks great but I think most women can lose their baby weight fairly quickly if they work at it. I was back to a size 2 within 3 weeks of having my baby. I think the key is not too eat super unhealthy during pregnancy and to stay active. I know everyone's body is different but many women use pregnancy as an excuse to be overweight when it shouldn't be.
brown_eyed_grrl brown_eyed_grrl 9 years
I always thought that pregnancy weight was harder (for the average gal, not celebs) to get rid of simply because you have a baby now that takes so much time and energy, and it's not like your schedule is as fancy-free as it once was to fit in gym sessions every day. I don't have kids, though, so that's just my theory.
angelfromlsu angelfromlsu 9 years
Having workout equipment at home, a nutritionist, & help (Husband) doesn't seem like too hard of problem. It pregnancy weight harder to get off than regular-I-ate-too-much weight?
CYL CYL 9 years
"I've already seen blogs calling her present shape "...healthy" - clearly saying "fatty fatty fatty." Sandy...I don't think they are calling her fatty because they are saying she is healthy. I think bloggers are much more forward with their comments and if they want to call her fat they will outright call her fat? I think she looks good and it doesn't look like she has 25lb around her tummy...25 lbs is a lot to have just on your stomach!
Martini-Rossi Martini-Rossi 9 years
She looks great. She was in great shape before the baby and worked out during. Like many of you have said and agreed on,when you have the Money and time how can you NOT look like that after having a baby.
sandykf sandykf 9 years
To reiterate what's been said above, it's very similar to what Heidi Klum says to people who ask how she got back in shape after her three kids - what shape were you in before and during the pregnancy? Given the insane expectations put on Alba and other stars, I'm impressed it's only 25 lbs and she still has a visible rounded tummy. I've already seen blogs calling her present shape "...healthy" - clearly saying "fatty fatty fatty."
secrethoughts secrethoughts 9 years
Well, first off, I think she looks great, and I think it's understandable that women in Hollywood feel pressured to lose the weight weight loss equals no work! That being said, I think it's unrealistic for regular women to hold themselves to the same standards unless they are lucky enough to have similar resources...I think that anyone can look great post partum with infinite resources. I mean who couldn't lose weight with a trainer, several pieces of workout equiptment in their home, a diet plan (possibly a chef or nutritionist too), and hired help to get all the chores done and take care of the baby?
littleblackninja littleblackninja 9 years
I gotta agree with some of the other posters and say that Alba hasn't done anything that the average woman, even the general public, should be proud of. This is her living. She has crazy resources at her disposal. Big friggin' deal.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 9 years
Well said chocolatine! Given infinite resources, time, and money, I'm sure anyone could bounce back quickly.
j2e1n9 j2e1n9 9 years
I'm sure everyone will tell you that it varies, but I think basically it depends on what shape you were in before getting pregnant, the amount of exercising you did while pregnant, and what you ate. I have never been pregnant either, but I have had numerous, numerous pregnant friends and family members who were all in kick ass shape before, during and after pregnancy, simply due to the fact that they had always exercised their entire lives, and always ate healthy, and didnt use their pregnancy as an excuse to eat shitty, stop exercising or to gain unnecessary weight. I think when celebrities "bounce back from their pregnancies" :OY: it is basically a farce considering their resources and lifestyles they live (considering that it is their job to look good) and they shouldnt be applauded for it.
angelfromlsu angelfromlsu 9 years
I'm never been pregnant so I guess I don't understand. HOw long does it take to get back to pre-baby size if you work out regularly? Jessica Alba worked out all throughout her pregnancy. She at least does some of her own cooking since she's always shopping at Whole Foods.
j2e1n9 j2e1n9 9 years
Sorry, but in regards to the awesome shape she was in PRE baby, I think this is pretty much par for the course for her to be in this shape POST baby. Period. I dont think this is any kind of abnormal, amazing turn around, especially for someone who has an elliptical in their home and has a famous trainer. I think it just correlates. And so I think this whole "announcement" her trainer has made is really just a plug for whatever the hell program he is promoting. Its pretty much just a freaking commercial, and I dont think Miss Alba's results should not be reflected or compared to anyone else. Sorry!
ilanac13 ilanac13 9 years
i think that it's insane how quickly stars feel that they have to get back into shape - and even how quickly they do it. in this day - your body is how you make money - so i can understand it - it's just crazy to me. i think that it's great that she's got a good routine going though. it shows us that when even normal people have kids - we can bounce back as well - if we follow some smart rules.
kelly kelly 9 years
Celebs put pressure on their shoulders but so do people i've been on numerous blogs where people called Jessica "fat" and explained how she would never have her body back,how she's not pretty anymore,how she desperatly needs to lose some weight faster,how she's now too thick, blah blah blah... I mean, She gave birth to a human beings 3 months ago,that's crazy! Who can resist to that pressure? The whole situation is insane to me.It seems like being thin is the ultimate golden ticket to happiness these days,that's sooooooooo sad and stupid to me.
chocolatine chocolatine 9 years
So are we supposed to admire her for this? If all new moms could afford a personal trainer six times a week, a cook to prepare healthy meals, and a nanny/sitter to take care of the baby while they exercise, most of them would be back to their pre-baby weight in a short amount of time. I'm sorry, but I think reports of how celebrities get/stay in shape are useless to us "normal" people, as most of us don't have the time or resources to implement those plans. Why not interview regular moms who managed to get back in shape *without* oodles of time and money?
ValenCina ValenCina 9 years
I agree, she looked much healthier and happier lately with a few extra pounds on.
meena1677 meena1677 9 years
Celebs put so much pressure to get back to pre-baby weight on normal people, its ridiculous. My SIL just had a baby 2 months ago and between feedings, diaper changes and taking care of the baby, she hardly has time for sleep, let alone a workout.
kelly kelly 9 years
I hope she won't get too thin again.
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