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Jessica Alba Trainer's Weight-Loss Tips

The Weight-Loss Secrets That Keep Jessica Alba Looking Good

"The number one rule for people who are trying to lose weight is to find a lifestyle that you can maintain for the rest of your life," Yumi Lee, co-owner of Reebok CrossFit LAB and CrossFit trainer to stars like Jessica Alba, told me at the recent IDEA World Fitness Convention. While her weight-loss rule rings with common sense, it can be hard to follow without daily goals. Yumi breaks down her weight-loss philosophy with these six everyday rules for healthy living.

  1. Start with a good breakfast: Yumi recommends either starting your day with a workout or a healthy breakfast within an hour of waking up. "One or the other is gonna jump-start your metabolism," she advises.
  2. Love your workout: Dreading your workout won't help you shed pounds, so take the time to find a way to exercise that is fun for you. "If you're fighting it the whole time, your body is smart — it'll lock on to everything," she warns.
  3. Think 80/20: "You can't be 100 percent all of the time, but you can be 80 percent all of the time," Yumi says. She recommends small, frequent meals throughout the day, aiming to make healthy choices 80 percent of the time.
  4. Listen to your body: Pushing yourself too much will only lead to burn out, so make sure you keep up a workout routine that's sustainable, not exhausting. "If you're trying to work out twice a day to lose weight, it's just not effective," Yumi explains. "Your body will burn out and you'll probably have injury, and then you can't work out for a week. And then you feel awful. It's a vicious cycle."
  5. Drink lots of water: "Most people are dehydrated, and they don't even know it until it's too late," she says.
  6. Have a positive attitude: "If you go into everything or anything you do with a positive attitude, then you can't help but have a good day. Smile a lot, and when you have a chance, make someone else's day," she suggests.
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