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Jillian Michaels Holiday Diet Tips

Survive the Holidays With Tips From Jillian Michaels

With a calendar full of holiday parties in December, it's easy to fall off your healthy wagon — and have a hard time climbing back on board! Who better to talk to about staying on track than The Biggest Loser trainer and fitness guru Jillian Michaels?

Jillian, who recently announced her partnership with Curves that kicks off in 2014, chatted with us about how she strategizes with clients to keep them on track during the holidays.

Plan Ahead

Don't resign yourself to indulging all month long! Jillian suggests picking "several days to indulge" — instead of the entire month. Plan in advance and know when you'll be taking part in celebratory meals and goodies. Once you have those dates mapped out, Jillian says "be sure to work out that day" so you have the calories to spare on holiday treats. Another holiday tip from the weight-loss guru: bring your own healthy dish to a party. Jillian says "that way you know there will be at least one healthy item to enjoy!"


Choose Wisely

Jillian's mantra when it comes to special holiday meals? "Moderation is key." If there are certain foods you just can’t omit from your holiday menu, prepare them, but always remember to eat with moderation in mind. We were also surprised to learn that Jillian doesn't believe in the word "cheat." Instead, she says "there are foods that are higher in calories than others, and I consume them in moderation." Jillian allows "20 percent of her daily calories" to come from foods that are less healthy like a sweet treat or the occasional cocktail.

Keep It Clean

While she allows space in her diet for less healthy food, Jillian doesn't take the word "food" lightly. She says that natural sources of sugar and fat are OK in moderation, but "fake sugars, fats, [food dyes], and flavors are never OK. They are not food." She's adamant about steering clear of these "fake foods" because she feels our bodies do not know how to process them, which "not only results in obesity but in disease." Jillian insists to "avoid those foods at all costs!"

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