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Jillian Michaels Instagram Workout

Jillian Michaels Takes Squats to a Whole New Level With This Insane Move

Jillian Michaels is that timeless fitness inspiration that will live on forever. She's more than a celebrity trainer — she's known all around the world for being a true motivator and a beacon of health for everyone.

Jillian is back at it again with her latest post on Instagram, where she shows off a whole new way to squat. Forget everything you thought you knew about squatting, because Jillian is going to show you how to get a deep, deep burn in your butt by incorporating a resistance band.

Holding onto a resistance band that has been wrapped around a bar above her head, Jillian squats down low, jumps back up, then squats down low again — only this time, she squats on one leg. She jumps back up and does a single-leg squat on the other side as well. She makes it look oh so easy, but our booty burns just watching it.


Then you can see Jillian balancing on a Bosu ball with one leg and bending down with a dumbbell to touch her toes before coming back up again. The amount of balance and stability that takes blows our minds. Finally, you can see her doing push-ups — but not just any ol' push-ups. She's got a kid on her back, and it seems to be her adorable son, Phoenix. Now that's the ultimate multitasking mom.

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