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Jillian Michaels Says to Throw Away Leftovers

Jillian Michaels's Weight-Loss Tip: Destroy Your Leftovers

If you just can't manage to drop your fork once you're full, Jillian Michaels has some advice that could help. The celebrity trainer shared a tip with Fitness magazine for people with overeating issues. "Pour salt on it [leftovers] or put your drink on it" — just wreck any remaining food.

Jillian explains that even tossing leftovers in the garbage doesn't always do the job, since "we've all had that Miranda [from Sex and the City] moment where we'll eat it out of the trash." If you're concerned about being wasteful, Jillian has an answer for that: "It's not going to children starving in Africa, it's going to the trash. It's not worth cellulite, muffin top, cancer, or heart disease." It's a little extreme, but Jillian might have a point here if your self-control has been failing you in the face of temptation.

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queenofheartz44 queenofheartz44 3 years

No kidding! My Grammy would be rolling over in her grave if I intentionally destroyed good left overs. Hello, it's called tomorrow's lunch!

isabellabashir isabellabashir 3 years

Well said!

isabellabashir isabellabashir 3 years

Why not just freeze the leftovers and have them for another meal?

bburger bburger 3 years

This is such a waste of money, waste of food, and waste of time that you took to cook the whole meal. I can't believe this is actually posted as a tip on here. How about put down the fork and practice some self control, and portion your food out? I've just lost a lot of respect for both this website, and Jillian Michaels. This is a prime example of what's wrong with our society.

tarall10 tarall10 4 years
If this is an issue for you - make yourself smaller portions to begin with, rather than destroying it after. I am sort of disgusted that this qualifies as good advice. There are so many other ways to avoid over-eating.
Krista14313508 Krista14313508 4 years
This is a symptom of disordered eating and it IS wasting food. Why would you put this as a tip on here? If you have leftovers you should divide it up into meal sized portions and put it in the freezer to use for lunch later or, gasp, give it to someone at work or donate it to a hungry person on the street.
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