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Jillian Michaels Talk About Being Overweight, Hosting a Talk Show, and Becoming a Mom

Jillian Michaels Fears Pregnancy Weight Gain

After gracing the February cover of Ladies' Home Journal, Jillian Michaels scores another one. She alerted us via tweet "My Women's Health cover is out. Yay!" and posted this cover shot on Facebook.

I fell in love with Jillian Michaels way back when The Biggest Loser first aired. I don't exactly enjoy having someone screaming at me, but I really respect her feisty, tough-love method of getting people to dig deep and give it their all.I also love her 30 Day Shred DVD, and whenever I'm running I always think of what she says: "This is your time." Jillian totally motivates me to kick ass when I'm working out.

Although the 5-foot-2 buff and tough 36-year-old is known for helping so many people drop pounds, she explains in her interview that her new mission is to become an all-around life coach. She told Women's Health,


"I want to empower people to find their happiness via a healthy lifestyle. And when I say healthy, I don't just mean diet and exercise. Those are just tools."

Aside from her role on The Biggest Loser, her two books, workout DVDs, and her reality show, Losing It With Jillian, set to air this Summer, there's talk of staring in her own daytime talk show in 2011, when Oprah goes off the air. This brunette has a huge desire to help people. To find out where it stems from,


Jillian didn't have the happiest childhood. Growing up in the suburbs of LA, her parents divorced when she was 12, and she turned to food, eventually reaching 175 pounds. She says, "I was an only child at the time, so there was nowhere to go with any of it. I felt abandoned." That's how she found her calling to comfort people who are hurting and vulnerable. Michaels says, "It's a desire to fix it."

In order to be strong enough mentally and physically to stand as a leading voice in health and wellness, Jillian needs to spend time taking care of herself. She exercises three or four times a week for 30 to 40 minutes, doing martial arts, jogging, and — get this — sessions with one of her personal trainers. Who knew a successful personal trainer needed her own trainer! I guess we all can benefit from someone motivating us. Jillian is also really conscious of what she eats and likes to buy organic at the nearby farmers market and through the website

Another thing Jillian shared candidly in her Women's Health interview is that she wants to be a mother someday but that she'll adopt. This health nut admits that she's not too keen on getting pregnant because of her experience being an overweight child. "I can't handle doing that to my body. Also, when you rescue something, it's like rescuing a part of yourself." I can definitely respect that, but I'm wondering: have any of you considered adoption for the same weight-related reason?

Source: Jillian Michaels's Facebook page

Join The Conversation
me999 me999 7 years
She's 'selfish?' I don't get it when people use that word- if you deprive yourself of something that other people 'enjoy', you are being selfish? It's a choice-she is not hurting anyone. If anything people who have kids are more likely to hurt someone because there is no guarantee that they will be good parents. She might be obsessive about fitness though, but that's a different (mental health) issue.
amh amh 7 years
I have three kids and nursed all of them. I work out, eat well and maintain a healthy, toned body. Yeah, I have a tiny tummy pooch and my tatas have seen perkier days, but my life is so much fuller because of it.
sloane220 sloane220 7 years
i go back and forth over the idea of having biological children because i am afraid of ruining my body as well. i guess i'll cross that bridge when i get to it, but if i decide to adopt at a least a child in need will get a loving home. i don't think she's shallow, she just knows what she does and does not what to do with her own body and i think its unfair to judge her for an extremely personal decision.
sloane220 sloane220 7 years
sarajeanqueen- what is your problem? what does her sexuality have to do with her decision not to have biological children. she CLEARLY stated that she does not want to get pregnant because of weight gain. why are you using this as an unecessary derailing opportunity to bring up that jillian is not straight and to air your personal opinions on lesbians and artificial insemination? "it's because she's in a lesbian partnership and probably doesn't see a way to bear a child. (How many of us know a man who would just donate his sperm to a friend to raise a child? Or willing to bet on the randomness of sperm donation?)" i'm a lesbian and i resent your suggestion that the options for lesbians to have biological children are so unsavory that they'd rather adopt. i know plenty of lesbians who have had NO problem having biological children using artificial insemination with sperm from a known donor or an unknown donor. plenty of STRAIGHT couples that can't have children through sexual intercourse use artificial insemination and sperm donors as well, so why are you attaching a stigma to it for lesbians? and there are plenty of men who donate sperm to friends and family members and plenty of sperm banks who rigorously screen their donors. and i also want to let you know that there are many lesbians who have had biological children from sexual relationships with men. so artificial insemination and adoption aren't the only ways lesbians end up with biological children. stop being so close-minded.
GummiBears GummiBears 7 years
Personally I am not offended because that is her choice. She is not saying that about everyone else. I think everyone else is getting there panties in a bunch over nothing.
Spectra Spectra 7 years
There are other changes that happen to you when you have kids that don't have anything to do with weight...stretch marks, loss of bladder control, vaginal tearing, saggy boobs, etc. I know that I could probably lose baby weight if I got pregnant, but what scares me is all the other side effects that can happen. I completely understand why Jillian wouldn't want to do that to her body. And why is everyone saying she's a lesbian? She never said she was; she admitted to being bisexual, but that's not the same thing.
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