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Jo-Sha Wipes for Your Yoga Mat

Those yoga mats can get pretty nasty after a bit of upward and downward dogging on them so it's a good idea to clean up your mat every once and a while, many people recommend using an alcohol wipe.

Problem is, nothing ruins a good om like the lingering smell of alcohol. You should definitely try Jo-Sha Wipes ($14.95 for a pack of 20), which naturally cleanse and disinfect while the aromatherapy soothes the senses. The wipes do not contain alcohol or other harsh chemicals. But how does it clean? Well the pure essential oils they use are naturally anti-bacterial, naturally anti-septic, and naturally astringent. Besides being gentle and natural, the essential oil formulation makes Jo-Sha Wipes smell very, very good. They are even gentle enough to use on your hands if you want!

Wiping oil all over your mat sound like a slippery situation? Essential oils are much different in texture from say, Olive oil. In fact, the moisture from the wipes will dry very quickly and evaporate completely, leaving the surface of your mat intact. Buy them online at

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