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Joanne Encarnacion's Before and After Photos | March 2017

Blogger's Powerful Before-and-After Photos Are Different in 1 Inspiring Way

Fitness blogger Joanne Encarnacion knows a thing or two about self-love. She's already shared some uplifting advice with us about practicing daily affirmations, and now, the GoFitJo founder is sharing another inspiring message with her thousands of social media followers.

The health coach recently posted before-and-after photos of herself on Instagram — one that was captured back in October 2016 and one that was taken in March 2017. But the post is unlike many of the other transformative, side-by-side collages that seem to flood social media these days. In her caption, Joanne explained that even though she hasn't been consistently training or eating clean the past few months, she refuses to see herself as a "failure." Rather, she's choosing to tell herself a different story.

"It doesn't make you less of an example of a strong woman," she wrote. Joanne revealed that since October 2016, she had been recovering from a shoulder injury, rebuilding her marriage, raising children, and building lifelong friendships. Plus, she had also gone back to school to launch a career in health and life coaching. It sounds like she has been quite the busy bee!

"The power to define what beauty means to you is within you."

She continued with a powerful reminder that "healthy" doesn't necessarily equate with being skinny. "Living a HEALTHY LIFE means nourishing all the areas that make you whole," she wrote. "Your fitness is just a part of that." The fitness blogger challenged her followers to live up to their own beauty standards. "Remind yourself that society has romanticized a concept of what beauty, fitness, and loving yourself looks like," she wrote. "The power to define what beauty means to you is within you. You are the source of your reality. You are the creator of your story."

If this doesn't motivate you to love yourself in the skin you're in, then we're not quite sure what will. Thank you, Joanne, for this encouraging dose of body positivity!

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