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Join the Office Softball League and Burn Calories!

Spring is approaching fast and you know I am excited because of all the fabulous opportunities to get outside and enjoy the warm (fingers crossed) weather.

You may have snuffed this opportunity in the past but the office softball league may be something you want to consider now that you're on this healthy new path. Usually joining group activities like this are great ways to get out, get to know your coworkers, get active, burn calories and perhaps win some sort of championship against other companies. Most office leagues have a wide range of skill sets so it's totally OK it you weren't a softball star in high school or college. Now is the time to keep your ears open at the office and ask around, as most leagues are starting to assemble. If your office does not currently have a softball league, think about starting one yourself. Most parks and recreation centers have information and you can also ask your industry colleagues if your company can play in their tournament this year.

Already signed up and need to practice? This Radar Pitch Baseball ($25.00, pictured above) measures and reports the velocity of the pitch when it’s caught. Pretty cool, huh? Buy it from

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