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There is a lot going on to bring the awareness of breast cancer to full throttle this month and so far, none have touched me as much as

Pink Together relies on the belief that one person’s story is another person’s hope. It's a place where survivors, patients, family members and supporters can connect to each other. It’s a place where those who need support and those who have support can come together to share guidance, inspiration and maybe, one day, a cure.

Reading everyone's stories is quite a moving experience – meaning, you're going to want some tissues offhand. You can join too, along with Ellen Degeneres (her mom had breast cancer), and share your own stories or just to show your support in finding a cure for breast cancer by making Pink Together your friend on MySpace.

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raeseif raeseif 5 years
I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer Aug. 2010,stage 2 I was truly shocked, I found a lump 6mo prior to having a mammogram, I just thought it was a plug near my implant. In 2003 I had a breast lift and saline implants. I never did breast exams because I could really feel the breast tissue. I had 2 mammograms in my life 1 at the age of 45 and the other at the age of 55. The Mammography Center was very upset with me because I scheduled a routine mammogram but felt a lump 6mo prior to this appointment. They told me I would have to obtain a Dr's order to have this "diagnostic" mammogram, she didn't have time to call my Dr. let alone perform this Mammogram, because anytime you have a diagnostic mammogram as opposed to a routine test, they take longer. I was just about to leave because I obviously was interrupting her day and she wasn't about to take time for this. I am a registered nurse and I thought this is all going to be fine, I will just go home and not worry about it. The radiology tech left the room and I was going to get dressed and leave when the door opened and she said", well I guess I will do the mammogram and get an order later". The next thing I knew I was hurried into the ultrasound room, then spoke to the Radiologist and next onto a breast biopsy. My tumor came back as stage 2, 2 lymph nodes positive out of 3. I have 4 children and 11 grandchildren and all I could think of was them and growing old with them. My mind from that day on for a year was a blur. I had bilateral Mastectomy and 4months of Chemo and 4months of radiation, I kept working full time as a nurse because I knew keeping my mind busy and my beautiful family and the love of God near me was the only things that mattered. My husband was so kind and caring, he had never had to take care of me , hold my hair back as I vomited, picked me up when I was to weak to walk. The Cancer care was unbelievable, they are top notch Dr's and nurses. I remember the worst day of the whole year, the day I was getting ready to go to church and I was showering and my hair was falling out in clumps from the chemo, I got out of the shower and just started to sob hard, my husband looked at me and said it's time Dear, I will shave it for you, later that day I was going to meet my daughter and her family downtown they were taking their family pictures for the fall, I had a hat on and my little 5yr old granddaughter looked at me and said Grandma you are bald, but you are so beautiful, nothing else after that mattered, I WAS GOING TO FIGHT LIKE A GIRL....My husbands office a 5k benefit run for me and my whole family was there along with 300 people, friends and people I didn't even know, this sure make a person humble and so appreciative of all the friends. I know God was speaking to me that day I was about to leave the Mammography Center, and I have my year check up in November and I am back to running my 1/2 Marathons with my daughter thanking God everyday for a second chance, and a chance to tell others don't put off having your annual Mammograms and monthly self breast exams...
veronicaraye veronicaraye 9 years
seems like a great site.
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