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Jordin Sparks, of American Idol, Talks About Hollywood's Pressure To Be Thin

Jordin Sparks Won't and Can't Be Stick-Thin

Jordin Sparks has always seemed very grounded to me. Even after seeing her at the AMAs I am still convinced that she has yet to let the pressures of Hollywood get to her — and here's to hoping she never does! Jordin sat down with OK Magazine to talk about being stick-thin, exercising, and eating turkey.

Here are highlights:

How do you cope with the pressure to be stick-thin?
I really think that Hollywood needs to get over that. I’m just saying! I kind of thought it was really dumb before, anyway, before I got into all this. I’m still the same. I’m not going to change just because you have this image of somebody and how they need to look, because I will never look like that. I would probably fall over if the wind blew if I was that skinny. I can’t help it. I love food and I love my curves. I’m very strong-willed and I’m stubborn in that sense to where I’m just like "no, I won’t be that way." I definitely do like exercise. I like to eat right. It’s all about being healthy. The stick-thin thing, I’m kind of just like "not gonna do it" and I couldn’t.

Do you follow a special diet and exercise regimen?
Well, before the show started and before the tour, because everything has been so crazy, I’ve kind of been out of it for awhile. Before I was hiking the mountain every morning and I was going to spin class every night. It was all about portion control. I was trying to do portion control but it’s kind of hard to do that because I need a little more self-discipline than I have. [Laughs] I eat salads, steaks and good stuff, and I’m trying to cut out soda but it’s kind of hard. That’s what I was doing, and I’m trying to get back into it. Since everything has been so crazy and sometimes I don’t really have time to go out and drive to the gym, I’ll just do some sit-ups in my room, jump rope in my room a little bit, to get that cardio in, and then just trying to eat right. I’m trying to get back into it.

There's more, including how she plans on staying in shape during the holidays so

During the holidays when you’re eating all this great food, is there anything special you do to stay in shape?
Sadly, no, because just from past years, all I want to do is have a good time and not have to worry about it, but I'm going to have to this year. I think I’ll be at home, so I’ll probably hike the mountain in the morning and my aunt is a trainer up at the gym. If she’s still doing that, I’ll probably go up there with her and do spin class again.


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