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Jump Start Your Pull-Ups

I have decided to conquer the pull-up. So far it has been a losing battle, but I hope my tenacity pays off. Could 2010 be the year of the pull-up? Oh I think so. My Equinox trainer Hannah has me using the assisted pull-up machine on a regular basis. With my trainer cheering me on yesterday, I tried 10 pull-ups with a jumping start. The sequence goes like this: standing under the bar, jump to grab the bar, hopefully, harnessing the momentum of the jump to pull your body up bringing your chin to the bar. My chin came no where near the bar, but here's hoping. It is a bit scary jumping for a bar, but this is not the first time Hannah has had me jumping for things that look out of reach. After watching my daughters jump for the monkey bars and swing I know I will be hanging out with them, and I mean that literally, on our park dates.

The idea of pull-ups still making you cross-eyed? Check out the Superband if you're looking for some assistance.

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2muchtv 2muchtv 7 years
*I mean jumping start, grrrrrr
2muchtv 2muchtv 7 years
I have an iron gym at home, so there's no way I'm going to be doing the running start. If you have self discipline, you can have one foot on a chair and work your way up that way. You need the discipline to not turn it into a one-legged squat. Also, start with a chin-up, then widen your hands, then have your palms face the correct position. I'm currently working on it right now, but in the meantime, I'm doing dumbbell pullovers to strengthen my lats to accomplish this =)
Runnerbelle Runnerbelle 7 years
Actually what the pictures show are chin-ups, not pull-ups. Pull-ups= Palms facing away (overhand). Less biceps, more back. Harder. Chin-ups= Palms facing you (underhand). Work your biceps more. Easier. I love using bands to do pull-ups though, especially when I can go down in size! I'm so close to one pull-up on my own now.
Yogaforlife Yogaforlife 7 years
In 5th grade, I could do more pull-ups (23) than any other girl. I got a blue ribbon for that (a big deal to a 5th grader). No matter that I was a lot smaller and half the weight of most of the other girls, it will go down in my lifetime as a personal achievement, ha ha. Since then, I have hated the pull-up, avoid it with dread and struggle to get 2 or 3. Maybe I should join Fit on this quest to see if I can once again conquer the pull-up. It's just so easy to get discouraged!
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