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The future may no longer be in plastics. Another study linked the chemical bisphenol A, used to make hard, shatter proof plastics, to precancerous tumors, urinary tract problems and early puberty. The study was performed on rats that were fed or injected with small amounts of the chemical, and although the results are preliminary the group of scientists involved in the study said that possible effects on humans "cannot be dismissed." The National Toxicology Program, who headed the study, is comprised of scientists from many formidable national agencies: the Center for Disease Control, US Food and Drug Administrations, and the US Institutes of Health. Agencies not likely to be ignored considering that this study echoes findings made late last summer by the National Institute of Health.

Bisphenol A is ubiquitous and found in Nalgene bottles, that say polycarbonate (#7 on the bottom) as well as clear plastic baby bottles. It is also used as a liner for cans. Since this questionable chemical can leach into water or food that comes in contact with the hard plastic, many Canadian retailers have pulled products, like Nalgene bottles from their shelves. Once popular only with backpackers, Nalgene bottles have found a niche as reusable water bottle for thirsty folks working on decreasing their carbon and plastic footprint. There are other options like SIGG bottles, made from aluminum; they're lightweight, durable, and cute.

So say "No" to Nalgene and other polycarbonate plastics. I've made the switch and given up my lovely orange Nalgene bottle that I have used for years. What about you? Share the details in the comments section below.

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