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I like to keep frozen pizzas in my freezer just in case my family needs a quick meal. I love ones made by Kashi because the crust is made with whole grains and they're really flavorful. They used to only make regular-crust pizza, but then they came out with thin crust.

If you want to know how these two compare then


As you can see, the one on the right definitely has a thinner crust. It was so thin that it took less time to cook, and it had a much crispier texture than the regular, chewy crust.

Regular Crust Thin Crust
Serving Size 1/3 pizza 1/3 pizza
Calories 290 260
Total Fat 9g 9g
Saturated Fat 3.5g 4g
Cholesterol 20mg 20mg
Sodium 570mg 630mg
Carbs 37g 29g
Fiber 4g 4g
Sugars 4g 4g
Protein 14g 14g

Nutritionally speaking, the thin crust pizza does has fewer carbs and calories, but it also contains more sodium. I guess it comes down to personal preference because they tasted so much alike. Personally, I prefer the regular crust because it fills me up more, and the thin-crust pizza feels less like a meal and more like an hors d'oeuvre. If you haven't tried either of them, they're definitely worth checking out.

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