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Kate Hudson Eats Waffles and Counts Calories on David Letterman

Kate Hudson: "I've Been Calorie Counting and It Works"

First Jessica Biel, now Kate Hudson; David Letterman seems to be getting all the hotties on his show this week. To welcome Kate's arrival, Dave busted out a waffle machine, topping his creation off with about eight tablespoons of butter and organic maple syrup. When she finally gave into eating the waffle, Kate shared that she's been calorie counting. Watch the video to see what she says about "letting herself go."

Not sure how many calories are in the gobs of butter Dave put on that waffle. Do you count your calories?

Learn how to get abs like Kate with a few tips from her trainer.

Join The Conversation
amber512 amber512 7 years
I lost over 90 pounds by counting calories. So it obviously worked for me!
Kensington7 Kensington7 7 years
I count calories and it helped me lose about 25 pounds and maintain the weight loss. I don't do it every. single. day and will have occasional days where I splurge and eat whatever I want. I just try to be aware of what I'm eating and how many calories are in a proper portion size. I think calories counting can become an obsessive and unhealthy habit for some people but in moderation, it can help you maintain a slim and healthy weight.
lilxmissxmolly lilxmissxmolly 7 years
I estimate calories, but not to restrict. Just so I have a basic idea of what I'm taking in! I also pay attention to carb/protein/healthy fat servings, just so I know that I'm getting enough from everything.
chloe-bella chloe-bella 7 years
I'm the same as lilkimbo. I don't actively count the exact number of calories I consume on a given day, but I always have an idea of how many calories are in the food I eat. If I'm going to a chain restaurant, I ALWAYS check the nutrition facts online before hand, and I always read grocery store labels. Not because I'm super-restrictive, but because I've found that often times, it's hard to accurately predict the calories in restaurant food.
GlowingMoon GlowingMoon 7 years
Somewhat. I have a general idea about calories. But truthfully, I count food groups and servings, more than calories. Personally, on a daily basis, I try to get a certain number of servings from all food groups. My approach to eating is about getting the right nutrition for my body. BTW, I think Kate is off about three bites adding up to 100 calories. But then again, I suppose that depends on the size of her bites. :)
hausfrau hausfrau 7 years
onlysourcherry - I SO LOVE THE DAILY PLATE!! I have recommended it to so many people. It helped me lose the weight I wanted to and then some. I'm a huge fan!
tylergrl33 tylergrl33 7 years
Sometimes calorie counting can be good for weight loss, but let it go after a while... I was obsessed with counting calories and it led me, before I knew it, to a weight of 87 lbs with my whole family trying to put me in the hospital. Sometimes it seems like a challenge you don't want to give up on. I agree with Lo Lo...everything is good in moderation.
onlysourcherry onlysourcherry 7 years
I calorie count and I love it. The dailyplate makes it easy peasy. I like it because I'm "allowed" to eat whatever I want, but being aware of the nutritional content helps me make better decisions.
lilkimbo lilkimbo 7 years
I kind of calorie count. I try to keep a rough estimate of things (like, if I see that something has 280 calories, I'll round up to 300 in my mind and if I see that there are two servings per container, I'll eyeball about half of the container, but I don't typically measure out one cup, etc.). And, whenever possible, I check the calories in various things at a restaurant before eating out. (This is difficult sometimes, as calorie counts are usually available for non-chain restaurants.) I think it's good to have a general idea of the number of calories you consume daily, but an exact count is not necessary (for me anyway).
runningesq runningesq 7 years
Calorie counting can be a PITA but as many mentioned, it does work !
hausfrau hausfrau 7 years
I do it when I need to slim down quickly.. like shed the winter weight. It does work the fastest and it's not too bad if you eat the same sort of things every day.
Lo-Lo291303 Lo-Lo291303 7 years
I did it for two years and they were the most miserable years of my life. I was definitely battling some sort of ED or at the very least disordered eating. Now I feel liberated and eat what I want in moderation and work out three days a week. I am much happier as a result.
Splintera Splintera 7 years
Hehe, how mean is Letterman.
Retro23 Retro23 7 years
I count too...EVERYTHING! Never been overweight, am at the low end of the healthy range and have always been thin. I just like to do it! Find it interesting and gives me an incentive to eat the right things, get enough fibre, protein, healthy fats vs saturated fats, etc.
zabrow zabrow 7 years
whenever i'm trying to lose weight i count calories & it does work. pretty quickly. otherwise, i just try not to eat TOO many calorie heavy foods.
Spectra Spectra 7 years
I don't count calories exactly, but I do watch what I eat to some extent. For the most part, I have a general idea of how many calories are in the different foods I eat most often. If I'm going to eat something where I don't know the calorie count, I'll look it up first so I know how much of it I can eat.
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