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Katie Couric Interviews Ellen DeGeneres on Body Image

Love Every Inch of What You've Got!

I love, love Ellen DeGeneres. She's incredibly funny, so inspiring, and her positivity is infectious. I also love that Ellen is a CoverGirl spokeswoman. Her unconventional look (and let's be real — age) are not typically what you see splashed up on a billboard, which is refreshing.

In a recent interview Ellen had with Katie Couric, I fell in love with her a little bit more. She talked about her reasons for going vegan and wanting to feel connected to the food she eats. She also spent a long time talking about the pressure women have on them to be a size zero.

"We put the wrong emphasis on what beauty is and what health is. Health is being vibrant and having energy and being happy. If you're healthy, it's got nothing to do with how much you weigh."

To see what Ellen thinks about airbrushing,


"Women are looking at bodies like that and going, 'My stomach doesn't look like that. I'm supposed to look like that?!'" the talk show host, 52, says. "So they starve themselves and they work out like crazy."

Great message, Ellen! I hope she's doing OK with her sugar-free cleanse — I know how hard it was for me to cut out sugars for two weeks. What do you think of Ellen's thoughts?

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Join The Conversation
MandeeLei MandeeLei 7 years
Wow I am surprised by the anonymous commenter up there. I am surprised that you couldn't tell she was being sarcastic (!!!!)... that is kind of her know being a comedian and all.
DivAshleigh DivAshleigh 7 years
i just love her. i cant seem to find one negative thing about her. and to anonymous- Ellen wasn't being hypocritical, she's a comic who was promoting CoverGirl in an ad. It wasn't a personal statement of hers.
Spectra Spectra 7 years
I love Ellen! I totally agree with her about airbrushing, too. Even the women that are in the photos look at them and think "Whoa, I don't really look like that!" It's all fake. They add ab definition, take out cellulite, you name it. Hey, if Self can make Kelly Clarkson look about 5 sizes smaller, they can do anything with Photoshop.
GlowingMoon GlowingMoon 7 years
I agree with Ellen.
dvdsky81 dvdsky81 7 years
I love her to death. She's one of the most "real" celebrities there are and I couldn't be happier than we have women like Ellen to look up to, but I do thinking it is kinda hypocritical of her to be vegan and the spokesperson for Covergirl-one of the WORST companies in terms of animal testing and their products are chock full of animal ingredients. Veganism is more than just not eating meat products-you dont put them on your body either. That's beeen irking the hell out of me ever since I saw her on one of those commercials for the first time and I fianlly had to get that off my At the same time though, Im glad CG picked someone like her as opposed to all the fakey, flakey, artificially pretty celebs they could have picked from-maybe they want to change (some of) their ways??
MsTwirlySkirts MsTwirlySkirts 7 years
and btw anonymous... that covergirl ad quote was her being sarcastic... it was a joke - its not her fault you don't have a sense of humor!
MsTwirlySkirts MsTwirlySkirts 7 years
LOVE her!
chloe-bella chloe-bella 7 years
I LOVE Ellen!!!!
BeccaU BeccaU 7 years
I just love this woman!
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