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Katie Holmes Women's Health Cover April 2018

Katie Holmes Went From America's Sweetheart to Sculpted Badass, Thanks to This Workout

Ever since her unforgettable role in Dawson's Creek, Katie Holmes has been one of the most beloved celebrities in Hollywood, who somehow maintains a girl-next-door vibe while simultaneously being glamorous AF. She graces the April cover of Women's Health, and right off the bat, it's clear to see that Katie has been working out a ton. Her arms look sculpted, lean, and super strong!

Katie is currently preparing for a new role in a movie that's still under wraps. We know that it's an action-thriller in which she plays an ex-Marine, so she had to beef up her exercise routine and get stronger than ever before. First thing on the agenda? Lifting weights to build up some muscle, especially in her upper body.

"Which I've never wanted to do," Katie told Women's Health. "But I wanted to be authentic to a person who trained in the military. Which means someone who wasn't always paying attention to the mirror and who was in shape not for vanity, but because that's what her job called for."


Katie has been working out with her trainer a lot, sometimes for two hours at a time, and they use dumbbells and other weights to do all sorts of strength-training exercises, including squats and crunches. "I was a five-pound-weight person, and now I can do 15, 20," Katie beamed. "And I've been doing a lot of boxing, which I had never done before. It's thrilling. You can get out the stress of the day. I just go in there and think of all the mundane things that bother me. Traffic!"

She even declines phone calls until after she's completely done with her boxing session, "because it puts me in a much calmer place." In her free time, Katie also likes to do SoulCycle. "I like that sense of community," Katie shared. She feels inspired by the women next to her: "Like, if she can do it, I can do it too."

Image Source: Ben Watts
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