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Kayla Itsines Ab Exercises

These 5 Exercises Are the Secret to Kayla Itsines's Insanely Sculpted Abs

Whether you're a gym newbie or a seasoned regular, chances are you've been in the following (somewhat awkward) situation: you make your way to the floor exercises area of your gym, ready to dominate some core work, but then you're suddenly overwhelmed by all of the options. Do I grab a medicine ball for some Russian twists? Should I go for a mix of plank variations? Or do I change things up and incorporate a BOSU ball? Sound familiar?

Luckily, there's a host of workout gurus out there to narrow things down for us by revealing their tried-and-true, go-to moves. Take Kayla Itsines, for instance. One of our favorite fitness inspirations, Kayla has some pretty killer abs, and she just shared the above Instagram video showing exactly how she sculpts her midsection. And, lucky for all of us, Kayla Itsines will be leading a real-time workout at POPSUGAR's Play/Ground event in NYC on June 9 and 10! Get your tickets here.

In the video, Kayla does a five-move series, laying on top of a bench for four of the exercises and using the bench as her base for the fifth cardio-based move. She used a single weight as her only other piece of equipment and explained in the caption that she typically chooses one between 18 and 35 pounds for these types of circuits.

Kayla suggests doing 15-20 reps per exercise for three rounds to make for the perfect core routine. If you want to avoid those awkward "IDK-what-ab-exercises-to-do-today-so-I'm-just-gonna-sit-here-and-scroll-through-my-phone-until-I-find-one-on-YouTube" moments, bookmark this so you can refer back to it during your next sweat session.

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