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Kayla Itsines on Counting Calories

Kayla Itsines Is "Asked Very Often" If She Counts Calories — Here's Her Answer

Kayla Itsines is one healthy gal. As the mastermind behind the wildly popular BBG (Bikini Body Guide) program, she encourages others to live a fit and balanced lifestyle, and it looks like there's one popular yet controversial habit in particular that she's strongly against: calorie counting.

The fitness guru recently took to Instagram to talk about whether she counts calories to stay fit, a topic people ask her about "very often." In short, she doesn't, but she went on to explain exactly why she chooses not to. "I don't count calories because I don't personally don't need to," she wrote in the caption of her latest Instagram post. "Eating well is habitual for me and I know what my body needs."

But she didn't stop there, as she went on to explain the potentially negative side effects of tracking calories on a daily basis. "I believe obsessively counting calories can often lead to disappointment, too much pressure, and the wrong idea and mentality about food, health, and fitness," she wrote. "I think calorie counting is fine if its properly understood and done with the right intent and outlook." Instead, she suggests using a different system, such a balancing the serving sizes of food groups within each meal.

Kayla's go-to motto for eating healthy? "I believe you should start by focusing on how you FEEL and what you love to eat, instead of counting calories," she wrote. Amen to that!

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