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Kelly Osbourne Fitness Tips

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The only thing more inspiring than a celebrity weight-loss transformation is a celebrity who maintains a healthy (read: normal) attitude about it. That's why we're always rooting for Kelly Osbourne, who has shed 70 pounds since 2009 but strives to keep it off by keeping it real.

"When I started focusing on living better, I realized that you should never give up the things you love — it's about balance and making smart decisions," Osbourne says.

So how does she stay so fit and fabulous looking with her busy schedule? Here are three of her favorite lifestyle tips.

  1. Find Your Center Through Exercise: Osbourne commits to working out at least a half hour a day, preferably in the morning "so I can get a burst of energy and keep a clear head."
  2. To Snack Is Human: Just be sensible about it! To avoid missteps, Osbourne always keeps a healthy snack on hand. Her current fave: Wheat Thins Popped, which has 130 calories per 26-chip serving and 10 grams of whole grains.
  3. Do One Nice Thing For Yourself Every Day: Whether it's taking a few minutes for a bath or indulging in something extravagant like a massage, "if you don't take time for yourself, you can get lost in the madness," Osbourne believes.

Want more must-have advice from Kelly? Watch the video above for a peek inside her on-set emergency kit (which includes a clever on-the-go fashion tip every girl should know)!

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