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Kelly Ripa Injured on Crutches, Not Allowed to Exercise For Three to Six Weeks

Can You Pull a Kelly Ripa: Sit Out Instead of Sweat Out?

There comes a time in nearly everyone's life where physical limitations get in the way. I've had a shattered ankle, sprained ligaments, and broken bones that have often left me on the sideline cheering my teammates on instead of joining them on the field. But, truth be told, I didn't always hate it when I was told I needed to "sit this one out." In fact, I sometimes (gasp!) liked it. It made me take a breather and allowed my body to relax when I couldn't see the need myself.
Kelly Ripa, one of daytime talk shows' wittiest and self-deprecating personalities, recently chatted about her own injury. A fitness maniac, the pint-sized mother of three is admittedly obsessed with working out daily. Having experienced some pain in her hip, she went to see a doctor who discovered she has a stress fracture of the fermoral neck in her right hip. Unfortunately, the fitness guru immediately started to worry about her routine and admitted to being freaked out that her doctor demanded she not work out for three to six weeks. Knowing her love for the gym, she'll find some way to sneak in a sweaty activity or two.

Could you walk away from the gym, even on doctor's orders?

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