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Kena Kai Bandanas

Hair (especially when it's drenched with sweat) can really get in the way of a good workout. Cotton bandanas just don't cut it for me and while I love wearing hats, I am not always in the mood.

Seeing a need for a bandana that is functional and cute, Kena Kai created Microfiber Bandanas ($17.99, for one 24"x 24" bandana) that are at least 5X more absorbent than cotton bandanas, are naturally more anti-bacterial than cotton and they're actually cute!

The Ultra Absorbent version is a slightly thicker bandana that will absorb up to a cup of water. The Ultra Fine bandana has a look and feel closer to a silk scarf, but a bit stiffer. The Ultra Fine is a perfect bandana for use under a helmet when biking or snowboarding. I think it would also be a great accessory to bring along for a long hike on a warm, sunny day. As an added bonus, those of you with newly dyed hair will agree, lots of outdoor activities can really fade the color so protecting those lovely locks of yours is a good idea. Buy them online directly from

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workinggirl83 workinggirl83 10 years
Much cuter than my itchy drug store bandana!
Butrfly4404 Butrfly4404 10 years
Those are cute! A little pricey, but I would love to have one of those for hiking!! (our snow is melting like crazy and all I can think about is hiking!!)
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