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Kerri Walsh on Baby Weight

The following post was written by Olympic athlete Kerri Walsh — two-time gold medalist in pairs beach volleyball and two-time mom. Her son Joey is now 1, and Sundance was born in May.

Sometimes with two kids it can be hard to find a time to get in a workout. So I've found a way to combine mommy time with workout time if I have to. I like to do squats holding one of the boys; it is easy to make it into a fun game for them. When I do push-ups, Joey likes to climb on my back. He thinks it is so fun. You can also do a bench press with your kids, gently of course. I will lie on the floor face up and toss Joey up in the air. Joey loves being thrown in the air, so he likes it when I do this one. You can also do an overhead press by lifting your kid over your head and back down. Remember to lift with your legs and not with your back. You don't want to injure yourself. Joey also likes it when I jump. I will jump 10 times, each time finishing in a squat and then jumping again. He really gets a kick out of it. Plus, the dance parties we have are great. You can really work up a sweat dancing around the living room with your kids. Really though, just crawling and moving with my kids is a good workout. I think how they move is really how we are meant to move. Sometimes I mimic what my sons are doing. Doing that while keeping my core tight can be tiring enough.

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