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Kerri Walsh Shares Her Rainy-Day Fitness Plan: Home Workout

Kerri Walsh's Rainy-Day Workout

The following post was written by Olympic athlete and mom Kerri Walsh, two-time gold medalist in pairs beach volleyball.

For some reason I love jogging in the rain, but I know that's not practical (or advisable!) for most people, so here are some alternatives:

Pop in a workout video: I've never really been into instructional videos but recently, since becoming a mother with limited time, I've found some fantastic video options. A favorite in our household (my husband has been doing this video for 10 years!), is Gaiam's Yoga Conditioning For Weight Loss. It's awesome and perfect for all levels. It tightens, tones, improves flexibility and helps to highlight your "problem" or weak areas. You'll love it!


Body weight workout at home:

  • Wall sits — Sit back against the wall and bend your knees until they are at a 90-degree angle, and you are sitting against the wall like a chair. Hold for 45-90 seconds. Repeat 3-5 times.
  • Lunges — Hands on hips. Lunge forward making sure your front knee never passes the toes on your front foot. Back leg bends with the forward movement. Control the forward lunge then explode back to standing. Three sets of 10 each leg.

Kerri has many more moves for your rainy-day circuit, so keep on reading!

  • Side lunge — Standing with parallel feet, lunge directly out to your right side, keeping everything facing forward (feet, hips, shoulders). Keep torso as upright as possible when lunging. Control your body into the lunge then explode back. Three sets of 10 each leg.
  • Push-ups — Do three sets of 10 of whichever variation strikes your fancy:
    • Standard military push-up — Hands a little wider than shoulders. Control yourself up and down.
    • Triceps push-up — Hands start under shoulders. Keep elbows tight to the body. Controlled movements up and down.
    • Knee push-ups — Instead of starting in the plank position with knees off the ground, start on all fours, then extend body with hands under the shoulders. Push up.
  • Calf raises — Find a step and do single leg calf raises. Place the ball of your foot on the step. Lift your body weight onto the ball of your foot, then lower foot/body below the step. Repeat on each foot three sets of 15. Use a wall for help with stability.
  • Hip lifts — Lying on your back, legs straight up in the air directly over your hips. Hands on the ground by your sides. In a controlled move, lift your hips a few inches above the ground using your lower abs, return to the ground slowly. Repeat three sets of 15.
  • Suzanne Somers leg lifts — Lying on your side, body extended, and head resting in your hand. Legs directly on top of each other, FULLY extended. Keeping your abs tight and reaching your leg as straight as it can go throughout the entire movement, lift your top leg as high as it can go without losing your form. Make this movement nice and slow in both directions. Three sets of 15 each leg.

Have fun!!

Be sure to catch up and read all of Kerri's great posts on FitSugar!

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