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Keto Slow-Cooker Recipes

10 Slow-Cooker Keto Recipes That Will Leave You Saying, "Damn, That Was Easy"

Keto Slow-Cooker Recipes
Image Source: Root and Revel

When you decide to make a lifestyle change like following the ketogenic diet, you know you don't want to stress yourself out coming up with a ton of new and time-intensive dishes to prepare every week. A slow cooker can be a lifesaver once you've figured out what you want to make, often allowing you to prepare one item (such as beef or spaghetti squash) for a variety of meals, and either way saving you hours every week.

We've rounded up 10 low-carb recipes, from meat bases to hearty soups, all of which are keto-approved. Grab that slow cooker, dig in, and thank us later.

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