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Kettlebell Ab Exercises

Grab 1 Kettlebell to Do This Trainer's 3 Ab-Shredding Exercises

Kettlebell Ab Exercises
Image Source: Eric Leija

There are all kinds of things you can do with a kettlebell, from cleans and deadlifts to flows and complexes, which string together several different exercises. But did you know you can get a killer ab workout with a kettlebell? Eric Leija, a kettlebell expert at Onnit known as primal.swoledier on Instagram, shared his three favorite ab exercises that will help you get a strong, chiseled core.

"I recommend doing some type of ab exercise every day, as well as cardio, and maintaining a proper diet to see an increase in your definition," Eric told POPSUGAR. "You should aim to create a calorie deficit in your diet so you can shed the fat to see your abs. I recommend eating high-quality fats, lots of leafy greens, and high-quality proteins so you can feed yourself with plenty of good nutrients, but low calories."

When you get all that in order, throwing in these three exercises will certainly get you closer to flat abs. Find descriptions ahead.

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