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Kettlebell Booty Workout

This Trainer's 1-Kettlebell Workout Is Guaranteed to Firm Up Your Butt

Don't be shy. You want a bigger, firmer butt โ€” and that's OK. If you're a beginner and you don't know where to start, Venus Lau, certified trainer and fitness model, has just the workout for you.

All you'll need is one kettlebell for this workout, and you can do it anywhere because it doesn't require that much space. As you can see in the video, Venus is actually doing this work out in her living room! "Choose a heavy kettlebell or weighted object. I'm using a 55 lb Kettlebell," she wrote.

You'll start with three reps of a squat-press, where you're holding the kettlebell against your chest, then do three reps of bent-over row, and finish with three deadlifts.

"Quick cues: drive an equal footprint like you're trying to super glue you feet to the floor," Venus wrote. "Supported tall spine, maintain space through your joints. Pull from scapula & Rip the Kettlebell apart to activate backline. Hold weight and drive weight through the entire body as one unit. Keep breathing connected to movement."

Your tush will definitely get a mini lift from this kettlebell flow, thanks to all the squats and deadlifts. It doesn't hurt that your back will shape up nicely, too!

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