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Both The Biggest Loser Couples and The Biggest Loser Season Five will be minus trainer Kim Lyons. While she did not win (and technically did lose) your vote on favorite trainer from the reality show, Lyons is moving on. She has just come out with a new book Your Body or Your Life ($17.95). It is a twelve week diet, exercise program with an element of emotional health.

Sunny, the health articles editor of Glamour asked Kim a few great questions about the show and extreme weight loss. Here's are the highlights:

On the most frustrating part of the show: "Ironically, the most frustrating part of the show is the game itself. My goal is to change peoples lives through the power of proper nutrition and exercise. It breaks my heart when people lose sight of the overall purpose of getting healthy."

On the criticism of the "reality" show portrays an unrealistic vision of weight loss: "People have to realize that it is TV, and yes it is difficult for people to try to replicate it at home. . .Our contestants don't have any distractions at all, not even a phone or a newspaper. They are in a totally controlled environment with the undivided attention of top trainers.

To see what Kim has to say about the double digit weekly weight loss on the show, just


On double digit weekly weight loss on the show: "It is also important to know that in the early weeks much of the weight they are losing is coming from the simple detoxing of their bodies. Keep in mind, they are also sweating out water weight prior to getting on the scale."

To read the whole interview visit Body by Glamour. It is a quick read and if you are a fan of the show; it is definitely worth your time.


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