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Kinoki Foot Pads

I Don't Buy It: Kinoki Foot Pads

Interested in detoxing your body and getting rid of just about every bad thing that could possibly be stored in your system? Well the makers of Kinoki Foot Pads have something to get rid of all the toxins we get from our food, water, and air. They claim that if you wear these pads while you sleep (sounds comfy), they'll cure problems like insomnia, depression, and headaches by removing heavy metals, metabolic wastes, parasites, chemicals, and cellulite from your body. Wait — cellulite too? So if I wear these things on my feet, the fat from my booty will get sucked right out and onto these foot pads? Sounds like they've discovered the cure for obesity. If these things work so well, why don't they make Kinoki body pads?

The commercial mentions that one independent study was done to prove how effective these are. I'd love to see the actual data instead of some tiny chart on the screen showing "lab results." They cost $19.99 for 14 pads, and they'll send you a free supply for life. What's up with that? I'm thinking that if these things really got rid of toxins and cured migraines, depression, and back pain, you'd be sharing your lifetime supply with all your friends and relatives. Is this too hard to believe, or do you think these things may actually work?

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