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Kosher Gyms: A Trend to Watch

The world's growing fixation on fitness will no longer stop at religion.

Kosher Gym in Jerusalem's Givat Shaul neighborhood, is a place for tzniut (modesty) and fitness. The gym's motto: At Kosher gym, we don't only cater to the fitness of your body - we worry about the well-being of your soul too. While Judaism opposes body worship, modern ideas about health and physique have left that idea a bit lost in translation (so to speak). The Kosher Gym is unlike your average gym in that it offers separate hours for men and women. There are no televisions, no magazines and the music played at the gym has no lyrics. Often times people will say Psalms as they workout, all this aside, the equipment is just as high-tech as any other gym and there are some great classes offered.

The best part? Almost everyone is there for one reason: Health. People are not there to look hot in their bathing suit or to look like the a-lister on the covers of the latest magazines, which is the number one motive among the people you would find at gyms here in the U.S. It is a bit refreshing and pleasing to see more specialty gyms opening allowing a greater number of people to attain health without centering on aesthetics.

There is a similar gym, coincidentally called Kosher Gym in Brooklyn, NY if you're interested in checking it out.

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