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Kristin Davis Pours Sweat Working Out With Tracy Anderson

A Healthy Bite: Kristin Davis Works Those Abs

"I mean, it's a hard workout. I pour sweat. Every piece of clothing I have is wet when we finish."

Kristin Davis on the grueling two-hour-a-day workout she does with celeb trainer Tracy Anderson. Kristin tells People that it might "sound gross" but the "hurts-so-good exercise regimen" is what has helped her develop a tight, toned physique — most especially her (now) flat abs. Kristin will be showing off all that hard work in some bikini-baring scenes for Sex and the City 2. I can't wait to see her and the rest of the girls in the new movie — how about you?

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Spectra Spectra 7 years
Wow, 2 hours a day. I sometimes get a workout that long, but usually that's on my day off of work. She's probably getting paid big bucks to make the movie and if she's not filming 8 hours a day, maybe she's got the time to do it. I still appreciate her dedication though. Lots of actors/actresses with that much money/free time still wouldn't work out that much.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 7 years
Well, if your income is based on looking good, and your job is acting, which isn't exactly a year-round gig, and you have tons of money to take care of the things us normal people have to worry about and pay for a personal trainer...
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