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6 Fun Fitness Facts With Kym Johnson From Dancing With The Stars

We are excited to share one of our fave stories from Shape here on FitSugar.

As one of the world’s most well-known, talented, and admired professional ballroom dancers, not only does Kym Johnson rock it on the dance floor, but she also has one rock-hard body.

If you’ve caught any of the past nine seasons of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars (I admit, I’m a total DWTS addict), you’ve most likely noticed the Aussie starlet’s incredibly toned, strong, amazing body in her super-sexy costumes.

Johnson was inspired to become a professional dancer from watching old MGM musicals with the likes of Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, and Cyd Charisse. "I have been dancing since I was three and I can’t imagine my life without dance," says Johnson. "I feel so happy when I’m dancing, and I am so lucky to have a career doing something I love so much."


With three mirror ball trophies under her belt, her love and passion for dance is clearly emulated with every cha-cha-cha, waltz, and quickstep forward. It’s easy to see why America falls in love time and time again with the gorgeous dancer; one hot-step onto the DWTS dance floor and you just can’t take your eyes off her.

Dancing is a great total body workout because, "you burn so many calories and tone your entire body without realizing you are working out because you’re having too much fun," says Johnson.

Aside from dancing her way to a rockin’ body, what else does Johnson do to stay in such phenomenal shape? See some fun fitness facts you may or may not know about the charismatic dancing star after the break!

  1. She likes to exercise outside. "I love playing tennis even though I am not very good,” she says. “I like to do Runyon Canyon with friends and hiking with my dog too."
  2. The Australian stunner recently discovered Barry’s Bootcamp. "I try to get there twice a week, and I also do Pilates," Kym says.
  3. When Johnson is traveling, she takes her Thera-Bands and works out in the hotel. "The Dancing with the Stars Workout DVD is a great workout too!" says Johnson.
  4. Johnson tries to eat pretty healthy but she does have a sweet tooth and loves dessert here and there. “I think portion control is the key as well as exercise,” she says. "I do notice a difference in my body if I cut out carbs after 5 p.m."
  5. She loves going out to nice dinners. "I do love going out to nice dinners but that can be tricky sometimes if you’re watching what you eat," the beautiful ballroom dancer says. "As long as you are getting some kind of a workout in each week, I really think you can afford a little treat sometimes."
  6. Jane Fonda inspires Johnson to stay fit. "She is still making fitness DVDs and looks incredible. I used to do her workouts with my mum in the lounge room all the time when I was little," says Johnson. "I even went as Jane Fonda to a Halloween Party once and made people get on the floor and give me scissors. I guess you can say she is my hero!"

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