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Label Able: No Additives

We see the term No Additives a lot when buying food these days. Is it better for you or is it just good marketing?

What is an additive anyway? Additives are ingredients that are added (hence additive) to food to influence the texture, taste, preservation, flavor, color or nutrition. Additives can come from natural sources or artificially synthesized sources.

The term No Additives implies that a product has not been enhanced with the addition of natural or artificial ingredients. In meat or poultry it means the cut itself has not been enhanced with any natural or artificial ingredients-- it has nothing to do with how the animals were raised or what they ate.

Right now there are no regulations or guidelines by the FDA on the use of the term and so it has not yet been verified.

Fit's Tip: As with all labels that have not yet been verified to be true, it is best to stick with brands you trust or to talk to the manufacturer directly.

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