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Label-Able: Free Range

The labels on food today were standardized to make it easier for us to figure out what exactly we are putting into our bodies. The fact is, reading the labels is still downright confusing so let FIT make you label-able.

Free Range, or Free Roaming is a term we see a lot when buying eggs and poultry. Sounds healthy, but is it?

Free Range (or Free Roaming) is supposed to mean that the product comes from an animal that was raised in the wide open air. What it really means is that producers must demonstrate to the USDA that the poultry "has been allowed access to the outside." Five minutes may be all the animals get, but it will still be considered Free Range by the USDA. The terms are somewhat regulated by the USDA for poultry but not at all for eggs.

Fit's Tip: When it comes to animal rights, Free Range products are more humane (but barely) than ordinary products, but when it comes to your health Free Range eggs or poultry do not have any proven health benefits. I think they should change the label from "Free Range" to "Five Minutes is All They Got."

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suzanne suzanne 10 years
I never even heard the term battery hens!???? Can anyone give me more info or a reliable resource to look into this?
alicenwdrlnd06 alicenwdrlnd06 10 years
Okie Dokie
cooper cooper 10 years
The key, whether organic or free range, is to check the 'traceability' which means it says where the poultry was raised and has other pertinent information like who butchered it, ect. Free range is better than eggs or chicken from battery hens. (read about battery hens and I GUARANTEE you will never, ever again use any chicken products that are not organic or traceable free range *shudder* ) *don't forget that if you do buy organic chicken and eggs but purchase cakes, mayonnaise, salad dressings and other things that use egg which are NOT organic you are actually supporting battery chicken farming which is horrific. *breathe* there, off the soapbox now but this is a topic that has become very important to me the more I learn about it.
AJS AJS 10 years
Plain and simple ...I love scrambled eggs!!
scratch5 scratch5 10 years
that is a real big bummer. only 5 minutes. i thought my eggs were coming from content hens who had plenty of walk about time.
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