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Label Able: Methylcellulose

To save money and eat for my heart, I've been enjoying veggie burgers instead of hamburgers. While checking labels, I noticed the ingredient methylcellulose on the All-American Grilled Boca Burger.

This ingredient is derived from cellulose and used as a thickener and an emulsifier to bind ingredients together. It's what helps keep all the veggies and grains together in one compact patty. This ingredient is found in many processed foods.

Methylcellulose also has another surprising use. To find out what it is


This ingredient is a soluble fiber that comes in the form of a white powder, and when it gets wet, it forms a viscous gel. That's why it's the main ingredient in Citrucel pills, which are used to promote regularity. Don't worry — for most people, methylcellulose won't cause gas or bloating, but can help keep things moving in your digestive tract.

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