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Label-Able: Natural

We see the term natural all over items at the grocery store (health food and not). Is natural good for us, or is it just good marketing?

Natural (or All Natural) could be one of the most meaningless terms you can find on a label because the USDA's guidelines are pretty weak for it. The basic guidelines are also only for the use of the word “natural” in relation to meat and poultry products (no artificial ingredients or colors, and minimal processing) but they are merely just guidelines and do not tell you anything about what an animal was fed or how it was raised.

When it comes to everything else, the term natural is totally useless. We can only hope that the producer actually does take steps to make the products a bit healthier and free of synthetics and additives. But it's all in their hands.

Fit's Tip: If you want to try and get something really natural, look for terms like “100 percent natural” and hope that the products are what they say. When buying natural, go with producers you trust.

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My-Opinion My-Opinion 10 years
I got some organic chicken broth and it said the chickens were farm raised and fed only corn or of those... I'm freaked out about natural or all natural being meaningless because that is something I look for alot!, but will now focus on '100% natural'
scratch5 scratch5 10 years
Go means nothing. Just a marketing ploy and I've been sucked in by it.
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