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Lady Gaga Inspired Circle Lenses Pose a Health Risk

Would You Risk Your Health For Fashion?

High heels, over-sized purses, skinny jeans, and heavy hoop earrings aren't the kindest to our bodies, but many women don them in the name of fashion.

These days, the dangerous cutting edge fashion trend is all about the eyes, a la Lady Gaga's enlarged pupils in her "Bad Romance" video. Even though Gaga's eyes in the video are mostly computer-generated, many woman aim for that big-eyed effect with circle lenses. These eye-altering contact lenses are all the range in Asia, and also made popular by makeup artist Michelle Phan, allow you to change the size and color of your eyes, creating huge doe-like eyes. Ranging in price from $20 to $30 a pair, the lenses, which are made overseas, are illegal to sell in the US because they're not FDA-approved. Doctors are worried that between the lack of safety regulations and customers not being fitted properly, sporting circle lenses could result in eye infections, cornea damage, and even loss of eyesight. Watch this clip from CBS for more details.

Being a contact lens wearer myself, I know the importance of wearing quality brand lenses fitted by a licensed optometrist. This new fad seems like bad news to me, but what do you think. Would you?

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