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Lady Gaga's Workouts and Diet

The Diet and Workouts That Keep Lady Gaga Looking Flawless All Year Round

Lady Gaga is known across the world for so many different reasons. Not only is she a superstar singer and songwriter who blew away everyone at the Super Bowl last year, but she's also a mental health advocate and a champion for sexual assault survivors. Another thing Lady Gaga is loved for? Her bangin' figure.

She's petite, lean, and really toned, and that's probably because Lady Gaga is known to dabble in many different kinds of workouts. Right before the 2017 Super Bowl, she was seen doing some bodyweight exercises on the TRX bands — decked out in her Super Bowl costume, of course. These kinds of low-impact exercises that target multiple muscle groups at a time have helped shape Lady Gaga's strong physique.

Lady Gaga has been training with Harley Pasternak for quite some time now, and he always has her doing all sorts of ab exercises, from reverse crunches to planks. Not surprisingly, her hourglass shape looks killer in crop tops and tight-fitting dresses. A few examples of exercises she does on the regular with Harley: weighted high kicks, glute bridges, and jump squats (with the TRX band, of course).

On her Instagram, she sometimes posts pictures or videos of her favorite kinds of workouts, and you can often find her doing yoga, whether it's Bikram yoga or Vinyasa. She has a pretty good-looking Crow pose.

As for her diet, Lady Gaga eats really clean as often as possible. Her personal chef, Bo O'Connor, told Self that a typical lunch or dinner consists of quinoa, black beans, grilled shrimp, and vegetables. "We want it to be healthy, tasty, filling, nutritious, and full of fiber," Bo said. "I really focus on meals that are good in taste but also healthy for your body." This is especially important when she is on tour, because she is so busy that she has to have the most energy she can get from her meals.

That doesn't mean she doesn't indulge every now and then, but when she does, it's a smart choice. "If she wanted a burger and fries, we wouldn't be doing fast food," Bo said. "So instead, I'd make her a turkey burger, gluten-free, lots of spices, and baked sweet potato fries. At least she's feeling that she can indulge a little bit and have something similar to a real burger but it's still good for you." If that's not inspiration to splurge every once in a while, we don't know what is!

Lady Gaga is nominated for two Grammy Awards for best pop performance and best pop vocal album. Fingers crossed she takes home both awards! Tune in on Jan. 28 to see her on the red carpet. We're sure she'll look as stunning as usual.

Image Source: Getty / Bauer-Griffin
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