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Lance Armstrong on Running in Boston Marathon

Why Lance Runs

The prestigious and tough Boston Marathon is a week from today. And my man Lance (who seems to be everywhere these days – is there a product he isn't the spokesperson for?) will be running in it.

When you're an elite athlete, other elite athletes give you advice. Winner of the 2007 NYC marathon Paula Radcliffe told Lance to practice his on-the-run hydration to help keep his finishing time low; but Lance replied that he was just hoping to finish the race. Oh Lance, we have so much in common, because I would respond the same way to any advice on running a marathon.

So why does Lance run after winning the ultimate cycling endurance race seven times? To find out


For starters, he feels retirement shouldn't exclude fitness, since fitness is part of a healthy and enjoyable life. And running is more efficient way to workout compared to cycling, which is why Lance started running. You get the same benefits from running with a shorter time commitment. Plus running doesn't require much gear unlike cycling, and this makes running a great form of exercise if you are traveling a lot like Mr. Armstrong. He finds it easier to fit in a run than to fit in a ride.

The question remains, why compete in marathons during retirement? Lance explained it to Runner's World like this:

I have to have something that essentially forces me out the door. I can sit around for a year and do a 10k, no problem, even a half-marathon. But the marathon is scary and intimidating enough that you can't just phone that in. You have to train.

Once again, I must say, "Oh Lance, we are so much alike." But to be honest, the races that get me out the door are considerably shorter than 26.2 miles. I must say, I do like the reasons he runs.


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triguy triguy 9 years
Please check your history. As I remember it, Lance was one of the most promising young triathletes in the world before US Cycling nabbed him. He did not start running "after winning the ultimate cycling endurance race seven times". You've heard of triathlon? Guess what? He can probably swim too. ps: It is highly debatable that "You get the same benefits from running (as from cycling)". Obviously, I do both. I have gone through multi-year periods when I did one MUCH MUCH more than the other. I am about equally skilled at both and equally efficient at both. I am ALWAYS in better shape (both CV & mentally) after months of intense cycling than after months of intense running. Thanks for the story. I had not heard Lance's quote about "10k, no problem, even a half-marathon ... You have to train." I feel exactly the same way, but that drove me to tris, not the solitary marathon.
JaimeLeah526 JaimeLeah526 9 years
Haha what is that guy in the picture doing? He looks like he just got punched or something.
lizkiernan lizkiernan 9 years
What's happening to #674? He looks like he just got elbowed! But, no one's near him
cvandoorn cvandoorn 9 years
I cycle but I cannot stand Lance...I agree with staticnoise about the whole doping thing. This guy just really annoys me!!
staticnoise staticnoise 9 years
i cannot take cyclists seriously. all this doping stuff (although it is used in other disciplines too... but in contrast to many of those, there has been a wave of confessions in cycling which made it official) made me lose all respect for such sportmen.
javsmav javsmav 9 years
Yeah, his ex wife wrote the text message article. She seems pretty cool, but i am so over lance.
Renees3 Renees3 9 years
It's refreshing to hear people talk about how they have to motivate themselves to get out the door. Me too Lance haha
ElissaM ElissaM 9 years
I appreciate seeing articles about famous people who are active and are doing good things. (I read the article in Runners World magazine) It's so much better than the drinking do nothing but party celebrities
NLM1212 NLM1212 9 years
I'll be running it and hope to see him! After the race of course, he'll be long gone before I even see the start line :-O
syako syako 9 years
His ex wife actually writes a column for RW too.
javsmav javsmav 9 years
I haven't seen him anywhere except Runner's World, but he is there ALL THE TIME. Honestly, I'm a little tired of the Lance running stories. I know he's a big name and now he's into running, but RW has an unhealthy obsession with him. The worst was the story about the text message he sent to his ex-wife after the NY marathon. Seriously? An article about a text message. I think RW loves him so much b/c he's a world-class athlete who says running is hard and that makes them feel good about their sport.
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