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Last-Minute Gift Idea: The Fruit Guys Fruit and Veggie Delivery

Sending a Fruit Basket Just Got a Whole Lot Cooler

the fruit guysI think I can be easily pigeonholed as a health food nut, and I don't just keep it to myself. I like to gift it. Aside from baking up whole-wheat biscotti, I send fruit baskets. Sending fresh produce to your loved ones just got easier with The Fruit Guys. The company sources fruits and veggies from local farms whenever possible, and it's all organic — making those gift baskets full of fatty sausages and oddly flavored, permanently soft cheeses a thing of the past.

Starting at just $24, a small box contains 16 servings of produce. Each region (west, central, and east) of the US offers different fare, but you can find out what mix of fruits and veg will be sent to which region each week. The mixes include fruits like tangerines, pomegranates, and apples and Winter vegetables like cauliflower, collard greens, and celery. But you can opt to send just fruits or veggies depending on the giftee's preferences. Shipping is free in some states, and in others it ranges from $5 to $20. This is a great last-minute gift item. But you best order by Monday at noon at the latest.

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