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Late Night Exercise Ideas

Late-Night Exercise Ideas

You overslept and missed your morning workout. And you couldn't make it to the gym because of a late meeting. Before giving up on working out completely tonight, try one of these ideas you can do at home instead.

What else can you do at home? To find out, read more.

  • Work out with a yoga ball. Lie on your belly and do superman booty lifts to tone the back of your body. Or up the ante with bicycle crunchesl, they're much more challenging with a ball and will tone your core.
  • Pop in an exercise DVD. Choose a fast-paced video if you feel like getting your heart rate up, or a mellow one if you want to do something relaxing before bed. Here are a few of my favorite workout DVDs.
  • Stretch or do yoga. Flexibility training is an essential part of fitness that is quiet and easy to do. Plus, it is a great way to calm down after a busy day, and prepare you for a restful night of sleep
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